2019 Dragon Invitational Winning School

Congratulations to TONCHU Smyrna for winning the Dragon Trophy!

2019 Dragon Invitational Winning School
Yudanja Fall 2019

Black Belt Testing @ Stone Mountain, Atlanta Evergreen Conference Marriott Resort

Yudanja Fall 2019





March 23 Update


Sirs and Ma’ams,

Schedules for this week are ready. You will receive an email today from your location with the schedule and user instructions. You will also receive an email before March 31 that includes the full virtual schedule moving forward.

We are very excited about using this technology to deliver an outstanding experience during this period of disruption.



If you are reading this on our website or Facebook page and did not receive an email please contact your location.

Dacula          tonchudacula@gmail.com

Decatur        tonchudecatur@gmail.com

Smyrna         tonchumartialarts@gmail.com

Vinings         tonchuvinings@gmail.com


March 19 Update

Sirs and Ma’ams,

This morning we all received the news that the city of Atlanta will require the closing of several types of establishments including gyms. While no TONCHU facilities are located within the city limits, it seems just a matter of time before Cobb, Dekalb and Gwinnett counties follow suit. In light of the current situation and with details changing very quickly, we will be closing all TONCHU physical locations after Under Black Belt testing on Saturday afternoon and transitioning to virtual training starting Tuesday.

This week we have been conducting Under Black Belt testing with limited numbers of students in order to reduce the size of testing classes this weekend. During the week, we have been beta testing our virtual classes. We also ran an actual belt test for a Blue uniform student this morning that was very successful (for the technology and the student as well!). We are confident the virtual classes will be high quality with excellent instruction and physical activity. Will there be glitches and a learning curve for instructors, students and parents? No doubt. That is why we will be starting our first wave of virtual classes with our most experienced students on Tuesday, March 24. We will continue to add classes for lower ranks and hope to have all levels on board by Tuesday, March 31.

What does this mean for you?

Under Black-Belt testing candidates:

If you have registered for testing this weekend and would like to test at your location, please do so.

If you have registered for testing this weekend but do not feel comfortable testing at your location, please email your location so a virtual test can be scheduled.

If you have not registered for testing but would like to schedule a virtual test, please email your location.

If you have already tested, Congratulations!

You will receive instructions via email from your location as your virtual class start date approaches.

Yudanja candidates:

It appears highly unlikely we will be holding the event at the Marriott Evergreen Resort. But you will be testing! Keep watching the videos and be sure to PRACTICE on your own for the next few days. We will either conduct testing with small groups at our physical locations or test virtually. We can’t possibly predict what the guidelines and restrictions will look like in 4 weeks.

Virtual classes for Yudanja candidates will begin on Tuesday, March 24.

You will receive instructions via email from your location before Tuesday.


Instructors will be conducting testing the rest of this weekend and will most likely be unavailable for phone calls. Please communicate using email.

Dacula           tonchudacula@gmail.com

Decatur          tonchudecatur@gmail.com

Smyrna          tonchumartialarts@gmail.com

Vinings          tonchuvinings@gmail.com


We would like to thank all of you for your patience and support. These are trying times for everyone but we WILL get through them together.



If you are reading this on our website or facebook and have not received an email, please email your location to ensure we have your proper address on file.



Grandmaster Hee Sup Chung is a 5th generation martial artist. He has followed in the steps of his ancestors by devoting his life to sharing the knowledge, skill, and versatility in martial arts with others. He studied and mastered the art of Mushimudo, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Jui Jitsu, Hapkido, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu from his father Great Grandmaster Sung Wuk Chung and his uncles Great Grandmaster Young Nam Chung and Great Grandmaster Young Jin Chung. He later traveled the world as the international spokesman, teacher, and competitor of the premier brand Macho Martial Arts for over a decade while learning from expert stylists. Grandmaster Chung has long excelled in his quest for knowledge and skill.

The Chung family opened their first school in 1874 in Taegu, South Korea. All of the knowledge acquired and passed down through the Chung family for the past hundred years is at the disposal of TONCHU students. There are very few schools in the world that can offer this pedigree of excellent lineage and we are proud to continue the tradition of martial arts that the Chung Family began over 100 years ago.

The TONCHU Difference

-We are ONE academy with four convenient locations serving Metro-Atlanta

-We have fulltime professional instructors and Masters.

-We have a flexible schedule which allows training 1 or 2 times a week

-We offer classes 6 days a week for ALL ages from 3-Adult.

-Discipline, confidence, and focus, are not only character development lessons, but life skills we embed into our academy’s culture.

-We have a rotational curriculum delivered at 6 different levels from Beginner to Mastership

-White Belt to Master Level Classes

-Under Blackbelt curriculum includes Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and basic weaponry

-Above Blackbelt to Masters curriculum which includes Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and training with various weapons

-We have over 100 Active Blackbelts training weekly at our schools

-We conduct an annual tournament for members.

-We have our own sparring league (Olympic Tae Kwon Do).